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Serving Louisville & Surrounding Areas Since 1959

Leafproof Gutter System Distributor in Louisville

For more than 125 years, individuals have been working to create a perfect leaf-free gutter or devising contraptions to keep leaves and other debris from collecting in gutters and impeding water flow.

The problem? Most other gutter protection systems do not continue to work because they cannot be cleaned or maintained from the ground. Leafproof® can. Abrams Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. is Louisville's only distributor for the only gutter protection product on the market today that has ALL of the following features:

  • Leafproof® installs on existing gutters.
  • Leafproof® is installed under the first row of shingles.
  • Leafproof® is not screwed into your roof or fascia.
  • Leafproof® can be cleaned and maintained from the ground.

Except in areas where the roof line has concentrated water flow (such as an inside valley), water flowing off the roof does not shoot to the front of the gutter. It simply follows the roof line onto the drip edge, which is under the shingles, and down the back of the gutter. The reason that the water does not shoot to the front lip is that water clings to the surface it is flowing over. This is known as surface tension. Surface tension can best be visualized by slightly tipping a glass of water and watching the water run down the side of the glass.


Leafproof® makes surface tension work for you, the homeowner. As water flows off the roof, it flows over Leafproof®'s patented "S" bend. Water flowing over this bend churns, slowing the flow of the water. The "S" bend also allows the installer to bend Leafproof® to match the roof's pitch, all while keeping the portion that covers the gutter relatively flat. As a result, the water slows even more as it flows over this portion of Leafproof®. The water then reaches the water channel located above the front gutter lip. Due to surface tension, the flow is reversed as it enters the water channel and then into the gutter.

The greatest benefit of Leafproof® is that you will not have to clean out your gutters! Leafproof® is easy to maintain by simply spraying off excess dirt and other debris that may build up with a high-pressure nozzle attached to your garden hose. Just stay on the ground, point and shoot. It takes less time than watering your garden.